Your Best Online Marketing Tool-Your Content!

This is a question that every affiliate or network marketers should be asking: what is the best way to do online marketing? I believe that opinions will differ from one marketer to the other. But in this article I will be talking about what I believe to be the best online marketing system for affiliate and network marketers.

First, let me start by talking about the number one mistake that people make when they think about affiliate marketing: “NOT CHOOSING A NICHE.” Yes, this is the number one mistake. Can people make money in affiliate marketing? Yes, but first, you should ask yourself: what’s my niche?

It’s crucial that you answer this question before you start anything else. I’m going to tell you why in a second. For now, let’s talk about what I mean by choosing a niche. A niche is anything that you feel passionate about. For example, I’m passionate about affiliate and network marketing and as you can see this is what my website is all about.

Not choosing a niche will cause you to jump from one affiliate or network marketing opportunity to the other. Finally, you will start thinking maybe this is not for you and maybe all affiliate or network marketing opportunities are scams. But, this would be so far from the truth. You have a niche issue not an affiliate marketing issue.

The importance of choosing a niche is also crucial because you need to be promoting something that you feel comfortable talking or even writing about. For example, I would not join any affiliate marketing company that sell items that has to do with sport. Why? Well, simple, I have no passion for sports.

I could easily sell things that has to do with movies because this is one of my passions. I could also sell christian books because I am into theology and religion. Do you see my point? You need to join an affiliate marketing company that has a product that is related to your niche

Ok, now let’s say you meet all the above requirements. You have a niche and you have joined a company that has your niche-related product. Now, what? How do you go about it? In other words, what is the best online marketing system to use to get the word out?

Some people will tell you to get a lead capture page, then drive traffic to your lead capture page, etc. But how do you actually drive traffic? This is easier said then done. Maybe, you are thinking about buying traffic service or using traffic exchange. Well, you can still try may be you will be luckier than the rest of us who have tried and failed with those robot-generated traffic system!

Yes, I have said it! Most traffic services on the internet are robot generated. Also, people using traffic exchange are only visiting your website to get credit. Do you understanding what I’m trying to say? Those source of traffic cannot bring you the result you need. They just don’t work and certainly cannot bring you the result you are looking for!

We are all in affiliate online marketing to make money, create residual passive income, gain financial freedom, help friend and families whenever there is a need, etc. I am sure you are, at the very least, looking for one of those. Using dead traffic won’t help you build the lifestyle that you are looking for.

Most online traffic service are fake. As a result, you are wasting your time and money using those traffic sources. I am not saying that all of them are bad but 90% of them are scams. They take your money for a service that they cannot deliver. OK, now let’s go back to what to do once you have establish your business niche.

Once you have established your niche, now it’s time to get the word out! Your best bet in promoting online is to create your own blogging website. You know!  Introduce yourself to the online community! Write keyword-targeted content! Write product review! Get people to know you, who you are, and what you stand for.

People will buy from you because they trust you. People will buy from you because they have some sort of relationship with you. People will buy from you because they can relate to you. People will buy from you because your content add value to their life. I can keep going on and on about this but I think you get the picture by now.

If you do no have you own blogging website yet, then you need to start by creating one. Remember, your blogging website is your best online marketing tool. If you would like to learn more about how to get your own blogging website then please click here to get started.

In conclusion, I will be very happy to help you get started with your own blogging website. Or, if you would like to start a conversation about choosing your niche, then feel free to reply to this post. You can post a comment below or, if you wish, contact me personally. Thanks for reading and take care for now!

Personal Contact Form Removed!

This post will be different from all the other post on this website. I just wanted to let all you know that i have been receiving tons of email spams through the contact page that i had provided here on this website. This page was provided for users to contact me if they have genuine question.

But some people have been using this form to send spam emails to my inbox. Therefore, I want to make it public that the contact page has been taken down from this site until further notice. Users can still get in touch with me using the comment feature on this site.

If you need to contact me personally then you will have to register as a subscriber on this website. All my subscribers will have access to my own business email where they can get in touch with me after they subscribe to the site. Therefore, you will have to save the information sent to you after you subscribe.

Sorry, I wanted to make it easy for everybody but it seems like there are some costs to that because not everyone knows how to play by the rules. I know this is not for all users but after dealing with tons of spams we had to take this final decision. Thanks and take care for now!

247adslist.com Affiliate Program Launch!

First, let me start by saying thanks to all of you that have visited partnerwithjamesvil.com since its launch. I also want to send a special thanks to those of you who have decided to become subscribers of this website! We will not have been where we are now without your support.

Second, Some of you already know that we also have launched our sister website which is mostly a free classified ads website. You can have access to this website by clicking on the free classified ads tab of this website. The goal of this system is to allow small business to advertise their product or service free of charge online.

Third, This system is also designed with affiliate marketers in mind. But, we do not allow link posting on this system and the reason for that is to avaid scams and/or spams. We do not tolerate those! As an affiliate marketers you can use the system to get visitors to contact you about your opportunity.

More information about our terms of service can be found on the actual site itself. You can also click here to visit an article that i posted about how to use free classified for affiliate marketing. In that article i also give a brief introduction to the free classified ads system.

On top of the service that we are providing to affiliate marketers and small business owners, we have decided to add an affiliate program opportunity to our free classified ads system. Yes, you got that right! We will be giving you the opportunity to make money with us!

Are you getting excited? Well, you should! If you have not subscribed to this website already then you need to do so ASAP so that you will be updated when the affiliate program is launched. One of the benefits of this program is that our service is available worldwide.

That mean you can promote our service to people from anywhere in the world and there will be no fee to join our program. All you are required to have is a computer with internet connection. You don’t need a fancy office in order to this because you will be working from home.

You don’t need to quit you daily job because we are not this kind of opportunity. We have a realm service to offer not some kind of get-rich-quick scheme. If you would like to learn more about our service you can visit us directly at 247adslist.com for more information.

Ok, Here is an idea on how this is going to work. We are going to pay you 50% on all customers that you referred to us for the lifetime of those customers. We are just paying for the first month or year but you get paid as long as the customer you referred keep using the system.

There are going to be some requirements in order to take part in this program. Don’t worry! Those requirements won’t involve paying any money or subscription fees of any kind and this is a promise. As it is right now, I am still working on those requirements.

For now, i would like to invite you to subscribe on this website if you have not done so yet for updates. You will be the first to be informed on our progress with the program. Take care for now!



Can I Use Free Online Classified Ads For Affiliate Marketing?

This a question that one of my site visitor had in mind during a visit to my site and looking at my free classified ads tab. I think this is a very important question therefore I have decided to write an article about it.  Let’s get started!

What Are Free Classified Ads?

Do you remember those good old days when people use to read newspapers? Chances are you still read them but, maybe, less often now! Right? Ok, Do you remember the “Classified Ads” section of those newspapers? If you do then let me start by saying that a free online classified ads system is the same concept.

The Only difference with a free online classified ads system is that you can post your ads there for free. Yes, you get the same service, provided by the newspapers, for free. With the newspaper you have to paid for your ads to be displayed. With a free online classified ads system you can display your ads free of charge and it stays there for as long as you want!

Also, with the newspaper, you DO not get recurrent visits on your ads. For example, do you remember the last time you kept a newspaper for more than a month? Of course not! May be you have never kept a newspaper for more than a week. Therefore you have to keep paying the newspaper for ads to displayed each time that newspaper goes out.

But, with a free online classified ads system you do not have to worry about that. All you do is renew your ads so that your ads can keep showing up online whenever someone visit the free online classified ads website. There are thousands of websites providing this service online. As a matter of fact you can find a link to one by clicking the “Free Classified Ads” Tab at the top of this website.

Promoting Affiliate Marketing Using Free Online Classified Ads!

This is a tricky subject! The reason why is because each free online classified ads system might have their own rules when it come to posting affiliate link using their system. Those rules are meant to protect their users against scammers and/or spammers. Therefore, your best bet is to make sure you read their terms of service before you starting using their service.

Some free online classified ads system might give you the option of posting links using their system but the number of links that you can post might be limited to either 1 or 2. Again, every online free classified ads system are different from the other. This go back to make sure that you get to know their terms of service. If you have any doubt then you need to contact their support team for clarification.

Now, let just say that you found a free online classified ads that does not allow you to post any link whatsoever. Does that mean you cannot use the site? Not necessarily! Almost every online free classified ads will let you post ads with the following options:

  1. Title
  2. Body
  3. Contact

You can still use this option to post ads about your affiliate marketing business but you will just have to give your readers a way to contact you if they are interested in your opportunity. You can use the title section to stand out from the crowd. Also, keep it mind that your title will be what the system use to get people to see your ads based on keyword search.

Use the body section to tell people more about yourself and why you think that your opportunity is a great opportunity. Also, how about letting people know how the opportunity that you are talking about has changed your own life. Guess what! People tend to respond better to testimonials then advertisements. Use that to your advantage!

Use the contact section of the free online classified ads system to give people a mean to contact you if they need more information. You can give a phone number. Using a business line or line targeted for your business is preferable. Or you can use an email and, just like the business line, a professional email is preferable to a free email.

Once people start contacting you about your opportunity then you can send then your link via the email they provided in their contact form. See, you can still promote your affiliate link using free online classified ads system but you have to make sure that you are doing it the proper way and that you are not breaking any rules by doing so.

Advantage Of Free Online Classified Ads For Affiliate Marketing!

First of all, let me start by saying that Google just loves free online classified ads system. For example, I’m the owner of 247 adslist Free Classified Ads and I must said that just 3 days after the website was created Google had already indexed it. I did not even submit the website to google yet but nevertheless it was indexed by Google.

Having your ads displayed within a system that is already indexed by google mean free traffic for your ads and anything else that you are promoting online. All you have to do is come up with some good keyword targeted title to have your ads displayed in front of thousands online.

Second, did i say that you are getting all this traffic free of charge! Yes, i cannot address that enough. You need traffic to build your downline. You need to promote yourself and/or your brand. Well, the second best way of doing so is by making use of free online classified ads system. Use it to promote your affiliate link (directly or indirectly).

Introducing 247adslist.com Free Online Classified Ads!

Alright, i briefly talk about it but I would like to use this section to give a little bit more information about our service. 247adslist.com is a free online classified ads system with a mobile app version. Our mobile app version lets you download the website on your phone for quicker access to our service.

247adslist provides 3 levels of service. You can use our free ads service that let you advertise on our system for 7 days. After your 7 days expired you can renew for another 7 days free of charge. You can keep renewing each time your 7 days expired.

We have a premium ads service for advertisers who need more exposures to their ads. As a premium service users you can post your ads in our system and the system will keep your ads running for 30 days. When your 30 days expired then you can renew for another 30 days. You can keep doing this process again and again!

Last but not least, we have implemented a featured ads service for advertisers who would like to save on their premium ads service. Therefore, instead of paying to renew your ads every 30 days you can pay to renew every 360 days. That service will not only get your ads to be displayed at a discount rate for 360 days but your ads will get featured on our website for 360 days as well.

If you would like to learn more about 247adslit.com free online classified ads system then feel free to click on the “Free Classified Ads” tab above this page. If you have any question or comment about this post then feel free to post it here using the reply or comment button. I will make sure to review and get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!




Work From Home Commercial Solar Agents Needed!

A solar energy company is looking for individuals to work from home as commercial solar agents! There are no fees required to join but you do need some to be able to work from home using with your own computer or laptop.

If you love the idea of helping churches, charities, gaz stations, factories, and other small business owners save on their electric bill then this opportunity is for you. Only businesses located in the US are qualified for this solar saving energy program.

Therefore, we are only looking for agents that are available to work in the US. Individuals from other countries can also take part in this opportunity if they have contact with local businesses in the US. Below are the basic requirement for this position:

  1. Access to a computer with internet connection
  2. Access to a fax/scanner/printer machine
  3. A quiet location in your home to work
  4. Customer service skills are required
  5. B2B customer service skills a plus

Please, note that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme type of opportunity. If this is the type of opportunity you are looking for then this is not for you. This is a genuine work from home opportunity for people that are looking for ways to make some serious income online. Below are a summary of what you will be doing as a work-from-home commercial solar agent:

  1. Identify churches, charities, or businesses that are looking to save on their electric bills
  2. Present our free commercial energy saving solar system project to the prospect
  3. Collect 12 months of electric bill from the prospect for submission purposes
  4. Submit the 12 months of electric bill provided by the prospect through your dashboard
  5. Let the company take care of closing the deal with the prospect. If the deal is successfully closed, you get paid

Also, there is a great opportunity for those of you who might interested in team building. If you have friends and families that might be interested in working for this company, we can teach you how to help them become part of your team.

That will automatically make you a team leader. As a team leader you will have the opportunity of making money even if you are not making any deals. This is not a reason not to make deals yourself, but this is a great opportunity to make some serious residual passive income.

If you would like more information about this opportunity then feel free to contact me using the contact page provided on this website. Thanks for reading and take care for now!

Bitty Cash Review

Bitty Cash Review

Name: Bitty Cash
Website: https://bitty.cash
Price: Free to register
Owners: Jeff Long

Bitty Cash  Overview

What is Bitty Cash? Bitty Cash is a bitcoin networking and training platform that was founded by Jeff Long. Bitty Cash publicly launched its service in around november 3, 2017. The goals of Bitty Cash are as followed:

  1. Enabling users to buy bitcoin with debit or credit cards
  2. Providing bitcoin investment monitoring service to users
  3. Providing bitcoin and cryptocurrency training to users
  4. Paying users when they refer other users to the platform
  5. Providing bitcoin network marketing plaftform to upgraded users

Bitty Cash Strength

I personally believe that this is a great service that bitty cash is intending to provide to the community. People do want a fast an reliable mean of purchasing bitcoin. Adding the option to buy bitcoin with a debit or credit card is definitely a plus for bitty cash.

Another good thing about bitty cash is that they also provide bitcoin training and monitoring service to users. This means that not only users can purchase bitcoin but they get trained on how to use and invest their bitcoin to accumulate more bitcoin.

Another added feature of the system is the ability to advertise other bitcoin opportunities using the platform. If you are an upgraded member then you will have access to lead capture page that you can customize at will to advertise your own opportunity. This is like an all-in-one bitcoin platform!

Bitty Cash Weakness

I have created an account with bitty cash even before the service was launched publicly. I waited to see what the service was going to be like once it was launched. I was interested in learning more about their debit or credit card bitcoin purchase service. Well, I most say, unfortunately it’s not what i was expecting!

I thought that bitty cash was going to come up with their own system for purchasing bitcoin but, instead, they are relying on other services like: coinbase, coinmama, and other service that people might be already using. One thing that i have noticed is that it would be cheaper to buy bitcoin from those service directly. Therefore, my question is why would someone use bitty cash instead of those other platforms?

Who is Bitty Cash For?

This bring me to my next question which is: who is bitty cash for? I personally believe that bitty cash is a service more suitable for bitcoin affiliate or network marketers. if I’m an average Joe who is just looking to buy bitcoin for online purchase purposes then maybe i’m better off using other service. I would be able to get BTC at a cheaper rate from those other platforms anyway!

Bitcoin affiliate or network marketers can easily offset the cost of getting bitcoin via the system by building their downline. Opportunity seekers, who are not affiliate marketer, but are looking into affiliate marketing could also be interested in the bitty cash platform. But, if affiliate marketing is not your cup of tea then maybe this is not for you.

Bitty Cash Support

Bitty Cash offer members support through their facebook group community. When you join bitty cash you are instructed to take the necessary steps to setup your account. Part of setting up your account is to confirm your facebook page. Ok, does that mean if i don’t have a facebook account there is no support for me?

All right, What if I don’t want a facebook account? Ok, now, this is where you get me because I cannot answer this question as of yet. I would probably have to come back and post a comment or update on this once i have more information. Remember, they just launched as of the date of this review!

Bitty Cash Price Options

First, let me talk about the price options for purchasing bitcoin package. So far there are only two options. First option is $150 USD pack from which your get $100 USD worth of bitcoin and 50 USD is the fee you pay for using the system. Or, you can purchase the 600 USD pack where you receive 500 USD worth of bitcoin and 100 USD is the fee you pay for using the system.

Those fees that you are paying are also used to pay your sponsors and you, as well, if you are sponsoring others into the system. This is the reason why i believe that bitty cash is more suitable for bitcoin affiliate marketers or anyone interested in bitcoin network marketing.

Remember I told that registration is free. Well, that is only if you are only looking to purchase bitcoin in the system. You also get commission on people you refer on your first level. But, if you want to get paid referral commissions on 5 levels deep then you will need to upgrade your account.

As of the date of this writting, the options to upgrade are as followed:

  1. 297 USD one-time investment (this option won’t be available for long)
  2. 47 USD for the first month and 97 monthly thereafter
  3. 1164 USD every year (which i believe will be the regular pricing)

My Final Opinion Of Bitty Cash

Alright, as I said before, this platform is better suited for affiliate and network marketers. I believe this is no surprise at all since the founder of the bitty cash platform is a network marketer himself. Anyone interested in bitcoin and affiliate marketing would definitely be thrilled about this platform!

I don’t believe that users who just want to buy BTC will be interested in using this platform because of the cost associated with the purchase of bitcoin. I personally believe that the way the system was designed is to benefit network marketers only. Again, this is my personal opinion!


Now, what’s my final verdit? Well, it is kind of too early to say whether they are legit or not. We would have to follow their development and let time decide. But, in the meantime, feel free to stop by their website and take a look for yourself. Thanks for reading this review. Take care for now!

Let’s Talk About Bookkeeping!

Hello and thanks for stopping by my affiliate bookkeeping blog! Bookkeeping is the last thing people tend to think about when they think about getting started in affiliate marketing, network marketing, or multi-level marketing. But, let me tell you right away that you should! And, I am going to tell you exactly why!

Giving money away to the IRS

Did you know that you are literally giving money away to the IRS if you don’t keep financial record of your business transactions? Many people does not think of affiliate marketing as a business. But the truth of the matter is that IT IS a business.

I understand that many of you might be thinking about waiting until there is some income coming in, but guess what! If you are serious about your business then you need to plan ahead as if you where running a traditional business. Therefore, needless to say that financial planning should be in the back of your mind so that you can deal with uncle Sam.

Part of your financial planning should include having your own bookkeeping system in place so that your can accurately record every single transactions related to your business. A good bookkeeping system include 2 components: a bookkeeping data entry system and a filling system.

A bookkeeping data entry system could be manual, computerized, or web-based. I personally like to use computerized or web-based bookkeeping system because it automate certain tasks so that you do not have to spend so much time doing bookkeeping. Manual bookkeeping systems are very time-consuming. Your time is better spent in activities that could create more profit for your business.

A computerized bookkeeping system can be installed on your desktop computer. Some business owners use excel spreadsheet to manage their bookkeeping. Some others use specialized software like QuickBooks for that purpose.

A web-based bookkeeping system is access via the internet. The challenge with those is that if your internet is down or something you will not be able to access the system. The good thing about it is that you can access your books whenever and wherever you are if internet connection is not an issue.

Some bookkeeping systems are even mobile-based. I guess here it all depends on your preferences. But all that matter is that you do have a system in place. Doing that will save you a lot of money, hardship, and trouble with the IRS.

The next thing is to have a good filing system because you need to keep receipt of your records just in case uncle SAM decided to pay you a visit. You need to keep those receipts for at least 3 years. Now, why is that important? Well, keep reading!

Did you know that much of your home expense can be tax deductible when you run a home-based business. Think about expenses like: mortgage, rent, utilities,  home improvements, etc! Those are in addition to your expenses for advertising, internet, phone, and office supplies.

All those expenses can be tax deductible which could result in a big fat tax refund check to you from uncle SAM. But first you have to do your part which is to have a bookkeeping system in place to help you keep track of those expenditures.

Setting up yourself for failure if audited

Even if you have been reporting your business income to the IRS you still need to keep track of all your receipts for your business expenses. Not keeping those receipts can cost you or your business a lot of money.

How? Well, if you cannot produce proof for all expenses that you have been claiming as tax deductible then IRS can request you to reimburse them. And this can go back up to 3 years in the past. This would be a very bad situation for you to be dealing with. Therefore, you need to take the necessary steps to avoid it.

Not knowing your business financial position

Besides dealing with the IRS, you also need to stay on top of your business financial decision. For example, can you afford to purchase an extra domain for your business website? How can you maximize your business profitability? Can you hire a bookkeeping contractor or not? All those decision should be based on knowing the financial position of your business.

A good bookkeeping system should be able to help you produce at least 2 reports: balance sheet and income statement. Your balance sheet is your business financial position report and your income statement is your business profitability report. I will be posting more about those 2 reports in a different article but for now i just wanted to mention them to you.

I hope i did not scare you with this article, but if you take your business seriously then you should take your business bookkeeping seriously as well. In my next articles in will be talking more about how to interpret your balance sheet and your income statement when making business decision.

That’s all for now! Feel free to leave a comment below or ask question if there is anything on this article that you need clarification on. I am here to help. Thanks for reading and take care for now!



Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Personal Experience!

Wealthy Affiliate Review

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Website: https://wealthyaffiliate.com
Price: Free Membership Option, Premium Membership Option (49/monthly)
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 97 out of 100

Wealthy Affiliate, Product Overview

This is a review  based on my personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate. I have already written several articles regarding wealthy affiliate but today i wanted to do something different which is to write a review about my personal experience with the company.

First, what is Wealthy Affiliate? For the rest of this review i will be using WA as short for Wealthy Affiliate just to save time. WA provides online marketing training and tools to help online entrepreneurs become succcessful in their chosen niche of business. In this review, i will be talking about the strengths and weakenesses of the platform.

The Strengths

The first thing that i would like to talk about is the training. WA provides a training platform that anybody can use to learn affiliate and online marketing. It does not matter if you are a newbie or an expert in the subject. Anybody can learn something new from the training.

The next thing that i would like to talk about is the tools which include: domain name search and registration, website builder, professional email setup, sitecontent, keyword search, and much more. Those are tools that anyone involving in online marketing need and should be using.

All those tools combined would not make WA great if their support did not add to the equation. When you are a member of WA, you really feel that you are part of a great online community. Help is always one click away. All you have to do is ask then wait someone to get back within the next few minutes or hours.

I also like the fact that you can start with Wealthy Affiliate for free! You can try the platform and see if this is the type of service you are looking for. If not then you can stay as a free member forever or move on to the next website. All those things are great, right?  But,  does that mean there is no weaknesses? Of course, not!

The Weaknesses

In my personal opinion the only weakness of WA is in the promotion of been an University. Not everybody understand what the term University stands for therefore that could create confusions in the mind of some people. WA does provide a great deal of training and coaching but, still, some people might still have issues with the term university.

Also, I would love the opportunity to print out paper certification for each course I completed with WA. All you get is a batch that can only be displayed within the online community. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to show others outside of the community what we have accomplished? Well, again, this is my personal opinion!

Who is WA for?

WA is for the affiliate marketers who need to learn how to make money online, and the online marketers who need to learn how to build websites, generate traffic, get SEO ranking, and more. WA is also for the small business who need to build a web presence and for the churches, charities, non-profit organizations that need help building a fundraising website. There is something in WA for everyone.

My Final Opinion About WA

Overall, I can say that I am  97% satisfied with the service and tools provided by WA platform. I am now the proud owner of 2 websites that i have created with tools provided by WA. One of my website got indexed by google withing 3 days of been live. I was able to achieve that success applying the training provided by WA.


My final verdict regarding WA is LEGIT! Yes, I vote for LEGIT because the company do deliver on their promises. They are doing what they were set to do. Of course, there are certain things that we would like to see them implementing. This is always the case! But, at least, WA did not make any promise then under-deliver on that promise.

If you would like to read more about WA you can visit my other blog posts or go to the Wealthy Affiliate University category to see all my posts on WA. If you would like to visit their webpage then you can click on the link provided on top of this page. Thank you for reading this post and take care for now!

The Rise of Bitcoin!

What is bitcoin?

The rise of bitcoin is going to the roof but there are many people who still does not have any clue about what bitcoin is. In this post, i’m going to do my best to explain bitcoin from a user standpoint.  My approach will not be technical but down-to-earth explanation of what bitcoin is and why you should give it some thoughts.

Before we dive into the world of bitcoin, let’s talk first about cryptocurrencies. What is cryptocurrency? I know you are probably thinking “here you go again with the big technical word.” Bear with me here! I promise to keep it down to earth and I will. Cryptocurrency is just a fancy name for online money, internet money, digital money, or digital currency.

Cryptocurrencies referred to some sort of currency that is used and given value by the online community. Cryptocurrencies are not tangible like physical currencies. The rise in value of cryptocurrencies is driven by the public interest and not by bank or any other financial institutions. So far the appreciation that cryptocurrencies have gained from the public depend on their anonymity.

Anonymity means you can buy, sell, or trade cryptocurrencies without the need to use your personal information. But in some cases, this anonymity is just a dream. Why? Simple! I have checked some of the well-known cryptocurrencies and the only way to buy them is through exchangers. Some of those exchangers require personal information.

Other independent service let you buy with debit or credit card but, yet again, you have to send them a selfie. To me this is kind of frustrating when the main goal of cryptocurrencies is the ease of access. Until now I cannot say that this goal has been met. Now,  what about the rise of bitcoin?

The founder of bitcoin is called Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody knows for sure if this is a pseudoname or a real name. Bitcoin started in 2009 and guess what the value was? Well, prepare to be blown away! The value for 1 BTC was 0.0001 USD. In 2010, the value rose to 0.007 USD. In 2011, the value rose again to 15 USD. From 2011 to 2015 the value has been going up and down between 7 USD and 600 USD.

Now, as i’m writing this post the value of bitcoin is about 5000 USD going up. Currently bitcoin has become a mean of payment just like any payment processors like paypal or payza. Many well-known company has integrated bitcoin as a mean to pay online. Well-known companies like subway, microsoft, namecheap, cheapair, expedia, wholefoods, dish network, and much more are part of this list.

Buying Bitcoin

The list of websites where you can buy bitcoin include the followings: coinbase, coinmama, bitstamp, bitquick, localbitcoin, etc. Well, this is just to name a few of them but there are many more. Also, I just wanted to keep this list to the few that I have personally used. I will probably update this list in the future once I become familiar with some other ones that are out there. How do you use bitcoin?

Using Bitcoin

Before you even think of buying bitcoin, you need to have a secured bitcoin wallet. Most companies that sell bitcoin also give you wallet service option. But, it is recommended not to keep all your bitcoin with any exchangers. An external hard drive wallet is often recommended for security purpose. I have not, personally, used any hard drive wallet yet because I only buy bitcoin for online purchase purposes. So for me my bicoin get spent as they come.

Selling Bitcoin

Some people buy bitcoin for the purpose of re-selling them. If this your way of doing business then you need to think about a secure hard drive wallet for your bitcoin. Because you are going to need to stock your bitcoin until the time you feel comfortable to sell them. Some exchangers also give you access to a selling platform like coinbase and bitstamp. I personally like bitstamp! There have been many complaints about coinbase. Therefore, i use their service with caution.

Trading Bitcoin

You can also trade bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies. As a matter of fact, bitcoin has become the leading cryptocurrency to which all other cryptocurrencies are compared. Most of the trading done online in cryptocurrencies are done through bitcoin. Many platforms where you can buy bitcoin also give you the option to trade your bitcoin for other cryptocurrencies like: etherium, litecoin, dashcoin, ripple coin, etc. But, again you need to use a lot of caution doing this.

Investing Bitcoin

There is one mistake that I’ve made when I was getting started in bitcoin. I did not make the difference between a bitcoin investment platform, and bitcoin trading plaform, and a bitcoin wallet platform. Quite frankly, I thought they were all the same but the truth is they are not. The confusion comes from the fact that some bitcoin investment platforms also include features that are found in bitcoin trading and wallet platform.

Not knowing this cost me some bitcoin when I was getting started. Many of the so-called bitcoin investment platforms out there are scams. It was unfortunate for me that I did not do enough due diligence before doing business with them. Therefore, if you are thinking of buying bitcoin for investment purposes, you most be extra careful! Don’t make the same mistake that I have made in my beginning.

Also, if you are an affiliate/network marketer then there are other ways you can make money in bitcoin. Some companies will pay you in bitcoin to advertise their service. Some other companies have their all network marketing strategy designed to pay affiliate in bitcoin. There is one company I know off that does this. More information about this company can be found by clicking any of the heading title on this post.

I hope this post has gave you a better understanding of bitcoin and the world of cryptocurrencies. Feel free to comment on this post if you have question related to bitcoin, bitcoin wallet, bitcoin trading, bitcoin selling, bitcoin purchasing, bitcoin investing, and much more. Thanks for reading!